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Micro Trigger Stop Info

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Many of today’s guns do not have safeties.

Carrying a gun can be dangerous if you don't take every precaution to insure that the gun will not discharge accidentally.

I recently heard a story about someone who is former military who accidentally discharged a gun in his front pocket. Fortunately, people around him were not hurt but he wasn't so lucky.

Many guns do not have built-in safeties, but even if they did, wouldn't it be smart to have an additional line of defense from accidental discharge?

The Patent Pending Garrison Grip Micro Holster Trigger Stop is a simple design that can help make conceal carry a little safer. Another important benefit of the design is if an assailant manages to get your gun and turn it on you, the more safeties you have, the more time it takes for the assailant to figure out how to make the gun functional, giving you time for a Plan B. Weighing less than .2 oz., the Micro Holster Trigger Stop is not carry prohibitive in any way.

The Micro Holster Trigger Stop is designed to be wedged between the back of the trigger and the back of the trigger guard.  It's made of a long lasting durable rubber material that has enough flexibility to be pushed out of position with one finger therefore enabling the user to pull the trigger.

The new adjustable design allows the user to adjust the level of resistance to push it out from behind the trigger. The Micro Holster Trigger Stop can be pushed out in less than the time it takes to remove the gun from a pocket, holster or purse and creates one more possible barrier to accidental discharge.

The Micro Holster Trigger Stop does not function as an absolute safety.