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Garrison Grip

Garrison Grip Custom Fit Woven Pocket Holster Fits Taurus Spectrum W/WO Laser (W2)

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  • Right-Handed Front Pocket Carriers have the high side of the holster to the outside to disguise the outline of the gun. Left-Handed users have all the benefits of the Right-Handed user with the high side to the inside for a little easier access. The Right-Handed user also has the benefit of helping to protect the user from the discomfort of the gun.
  • Originally designed for the right-handed front and back pocket user, left-handed users really love the holster as well. You have a 100 Percent money back guarantee and we will cover the shipping back if you dont like it along with protection against defects for as long as you own the gun.
  • Quality woven materials on the outside with a velvet interior to protect your firearm against scratches from keys and loose coin.
  • An interior nylon caster helps protect your gun from scratching and provides assistance for easy retrieval.
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are fully satisfied. Just return the product for a full refund within 60 days. Garrison Grip supplies concealed carry accessories for guns pistols firearms like Smith & Wesson Ruger Glock Taurus Remington Sig Sauer Kahr Springfield Armory Beretta and Hi-Point. Trademark "Garrison Grip" Serial No: 86146227 and "orGUNizer" Serial No: 85695498 and U.S. Trademark "Micro Trigger Stop" Serial No: 87093441.

Now you can help insure that nobody can see if you are carrying with this design. The outside of the holster creates a footprint that will help keep others from knowing you carry. Each holster is individually designed to fit your firearm like a glove with just enough play to quickly retrieve it when needed. The outer design of the holster will keep the firearm in an upright retrievable position. Note that some firearms may need some breaking in to the holster.

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Send product back for a full refund.