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Garrison Grip

Garrison Grip Premium Ebony Colored Ambi-Cut Polymer Grips for Full Size Colt 1911 A1 or Commanders and Clones (Grips ONLY) with US Navy Platinum Style Medallions.

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Now: $30.36
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  • Striking Solid ABS Polymer grips; offering a transformative aesthetic and tactile enhancement to your cherished 1911 Government Model firearm

  • Expertly crafted by Garrison Grip; features a handset collection of distinctive military branch service medallions embedded at the core

  • Precision-engineered inlets; ensures a flawless fit for all Colt Government Model 1911 A1 and Commanders, enhancing both functionality and appearance

  • Ergonomic design; accommodates right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous safeties, with checkered grips for superior handling and control

  • Ideal gift for active or retired military personnel; presenting a token of appreciation and honor. Comes encased in a stylish silver drawstring gift bag for a lasting impression


Discover the fusion of elegance and functionality with our beautiful polymer grips. Each intricately checkered and adorned with a hand-embedded branch of service custom medallion. Precision engineered inlets guarantee a perfect fit for all Government A1 Model Colt 1911, Commanders, and their clones. This ensures seamless integration and improved handling. The exquisite craftsmanship by Garrison Grip enhances the aesthetic allure while ensuring a comfortable and secure grip. Our grips are not only a visual delight but a practical enhancement, making them the perfect gift for the military man or woman in your life. Each set is shipped in an attractive silver drawstring gift bag adding a touch of elegance to your thoughtful gesture. The grips are meticulously designed to fit clones for Kimber, Springfield, Remington, Taurus, Ruger SR1911, Rock Island, Wilson, Caspian, Ithaca, Thompson, Smith and Wesson, Randal Arms Corp Super .38, plus all 1911 Government Model Clones that have NOT been modified. Note: Will Not Fit Colt Officers or double-stack clones, ensuring exclusivity and precise fit for the intended firearms.