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Garrison Grip Custom Fit Woven Pocket Holster With Red  Trigger Stop

Garrison Grip Custom Fit Woven Pocket Holster With Red Trigger Stop

Posted by Posted by Stephen J Pagac / / A Design and Manufacturing Company of Concealed Carry (CCW) Products on 12th Sep 2023 on 26th Sep 2023

Designed with your comfort in mind. Now you can help ensure that nobody can see if you are carrying with this design. The outside of the holster creates a footprint that will help keep others from knowing you carry. Each holster is individually designed to fit your firearm like a glove with just enough play to quickly retrieve it when needed.

The outer design of the holster will keep the firearm in an upright retrievable position. Note that some firearms may need some breaking into the holster. Please also note that you need to have a pocket large enough and a willingness to have a gun that is that large in your front pocket.

The Garrison Grip Patented Adjustable Micro Trigger Stops is included with this holster. Be Safe Not Sorry. Help Protect Against Accidental Discharge.

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