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Trigger Block Holster For All GLOCK Semi Auto Guns After January 1998

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Be safe, not sorry. Designed specifically for the post 1998 GLOCK models to act as an additional barrier from accidental discharge.

Because these models have striker triggers creating a very short pull before discharge, the block is solid so it does not allow for any movement until you push it out. This is unlike the Micro Trigger Stop Holster which us designed for guns with longer trigger pulls.

This product functions as an additional barrier against accidental discharge and is not child proof or adult proof. You are the only safety. Always store your gun unloaded away from others .

Garrison Grip is offering this patented product as a alternative to the Garrison Grip patented Micro Trigger Stop because the MTS will not work for the GLOCK, however the SAF-T-BLOK offers most all of the same benefits.

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