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Garrison Grip

Garrison Grip Patented Adjustable Micro Trigger Stop Holster Fits Kel-Tec P3AT 380 and P32. Be Safe Not Sorry. Help Protect Against Accidents. Quantity Discounts". (s20)

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  • Be safe, not sorry. Do not carry without this product! The Patented Quick Release Micro Trigger Stop Holster provides additional protection from accidental discharge.
  • This product is EASY to install and even easier to quickly remove with the flick of your finger when fast reaction time is necessary. This micro trigger stop is also an absolute must when carrying chambered.
  • It can buy extra time to retrieve your gun should it get into the hands of a child or inexperienced person. You owe it to yourself and others around you to take every precaution to help ensure that the gun will not discharge accidentally by you, a child or anyone else.
  • In the unlikely circumstance that a hostile person takes possession of your firearm, the Quick Release Micro Trigger Stop Holster can give you the option of several seconds to get the gun back or run from danger.
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are fully satisfied. Just return the product for a full refund within 60 days. Garrison Grip supplies concealed carry accessories for guns pistols firearms like Smith & Wesson Ruger Glock Taurus Remington Sig Sauer Kahr Springfield Armory Beretta and Hi-Point. Trademark "Garrison Grip" Serial No: 86146227 and "orGUNizer" Serial No: 85695498 and U.S. Trademark "Micro Trigger Stop" Serial No: 87093441.

Gun accidents are more common than anyone would like to think. There are 467,000 YouTube videos of people accidentally shooting themselves that graphically demonstrates this fact. A good sized number of these victims would probably wish they used the Micro Trigger Stop if they knew about it. Most semi-auto guns and all revolvers do not have built-in Switch On/Off Safeties. You owe it to yourself and others around you to take every precaution to help ensure that the gun will not discharge accidentally by you, a child or anyone else. Even if you have a built-in safety, wouldn't it be smart to have a second line of defense for accidental discharge especially when carrying chambered. This patented product is an uncomplicated design that can help make conceal carry a little safer. The tension adjustable Trigger Stop is designed to be wedged between the back of the trigger and the back of the trigger guard. It is made of a rubber material that has enough flexibility to be pushed out of position with one finger, therefore, enabling the firearm to fire. If your habit is to carry a gun either un-chambered or chambered for quick response time, the Micro Trigger Stop can be pushed out in less time that it takes to remove the gun from a pocket, holster or purse. It does not function as an absolute safety. It is only as effective as the user is responsible. This is not in any way considered child safe or humanly infallible. The Buyer must evaluate his or her habits and the way he or she intends carry and access the gun. I use it and find it to be very effective in allowing me to feel more comfortable with a chambered gun. How about you? If you are in any way not satisfied, return it for a full refund and we will pay the return postage. Try it. We know you will be glad you did. Garrison Grip and Micro Trigger Stop are registered trademarks of Vector Garrison Research International, LLC.